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Let's Talk Month: Fatherhood Edition
Are you a dad or male mentor who struggles with talking about adolescent/sexual health with your teen? Are you looking for the best tips and accurate information to share with youth? If yes, this is the webinar for you! Join us on October 20 at 6 p.m. to learn ways to discuss positive sexual health topics with young people confidently. Our trusted panel will offer pointers for open, honest dialogue and share how to avoid conversation pitfalls.

GCAPP & Demographic Data
As an organization committed to advancing health equity across Georgia, GCAPP needs to collect demographic information on our stakeholders and the communities we serve. In addition to enabling GCAPP to fulfill our obligations to funders and partners, this information ensures we are engaging the communities we are committed to serving, informs our strategic direction and future activities, and enables us to measure the impact of our services across Georgia. We hope that you will share information about yourself, but please know that GCAPP strives to be inclusive of everyone so they can feel welcome and protected while disclosing their information so as you consider whether to share we want you to know several things:
Your decision to share personal demographic information is entirely voluntary; if you choose not to share there will be no penalty or consequences and you will still have full access to GCAPP’s services and resources
All information you share is kept confidential to the full extent allowed by law. All data is secured within GCAPP’s database accessible only to GCAPP’s Senior Leadership Team.
All demographic data are combined, summarized, and reported in group form so that it is impossible to identify individual people.


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