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Debriefing on COP26 and HKEX Net-Zero Guide 第26屆聯合國氣候變化大會及港交所淨零排放指引分享
Post-COP26 Insights: How companies can accelerate their transition to Net-Zero

The climate talks in COP26, and the final ‘Glasgow Climate Pact’ have received mixed reviews. If you are a scientist in a research institution or an activist on the Glasgow streets, you may look at the outcomes with incredulity. If you are a geopolitical realist on the other hand, you will see that 196 parties have reached a consensus to move forward. Many important targets were missed, but some important barriers to progress were removed.

- Amidst the complex dynamics, what are the risks and opportunities for Asian business after Glasgow?
- Why is there increased urgency for the private sector to accelerate their transition to net-zero?
- How can companies make full use of the “Practical Net-Zero Guide for Business”- boldly launched by Hong Kong Exchange - to develop robust net-zero strategies within and beyond their value chains?

Join us as we deliver insights from thought leaders with their personal observations in COP26, highlights on the HKEX Net-Zero Guide and first-mover experience of leading companies in their net-zero journey.


對格拉斯哥的氣候談判和最終達成的《格拉斯哥氣候協定》,評價是褒貶不一的。如果你是研究機構的科學家或是格拉斯哥街頭的活躍份子,你可能對結果充滿疑惑。另一方面,如果你是個地緣政治現實主義者,你會看到 196 個國家已經達成了向前推進的共識;雖然 COP26 錯過了許多重要目標,但也消除了一些重要的進展障礙。

- 格拉斯哥談判之後,亞洲企業在複雜的形勢下有哪些風險和機遇?
- 為什麼私營企業加速向淨零排放轉型變得越來越迫切?
- 企業如何充分利用港交所大膽推出的《企業淨零排放實用指引》,在其價值鏈內外制定穩健的淨零排放策略?


Dec 20, 2021 (Mon)

11:00 – 12:30 (Cantonese Session)
16:00 – 17:30 (English Session)

Speakers/ Panelists
.Grace Hui | Managing Director, Head of Green and Sustainable Finance, HKEX
.Albert Lai | CEO, CCA
.Amelie Tan | Regional Lead, Commit to Action at CDP*
.John Sayer | Director, CCA and Co-leader, HK NGO Delegation to COP26
.Huw Andrews | SVP Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Fossil Group*
.Victor Cheng | Director, Sustainability, Fossil Group#

* Afternoon session
# Morning session
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