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Governing for Justice: Structuring our communities for equity, sovereignty and self-determination
To govern is to oversee the direction and control of a community. How a community is governed essentially shapes its equity, relationships, and sovereignty. Looking behind the patterns of inequity in our food systems, we find antiquated governing structures built by and for dominant classes.

Join ShiftMeals for a conversation with womxn and femmes who are influencing and building new forms of governance that represent marginalized perspectives and incorporate the resilient wisdom of equity, self-agency and collectivism.

We will explore questions such as: Who controls and is predominantly represented in the governing bodies that shape Vermont’s food system, including control of land and markets, access to food? How do we make decisions that fairly represent the will of the people? What steps can we all take to increase the diversity of perspectives within the governing bodies of Vermont’s food system?

Panelists include:

Akua Deirdre Smith Shabaaz, Director of Black Land Liberations Initiative for BlackOUT Collective

Cat Duffy Buxton, Founder of Grow More Waste Less

Ellen Kahler, Executive Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Zymora Davinchi, ShiftMeals BIPOC Food Sovereignty Program Manager

Jean Hamilton, Executive Director of ShiftMeals


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