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Design System Fck Up Stories by Into Design Systems
Welcome & Introduction - Into Design Systems Team

Talk 1:
We opened the floodgates to contribution and let it derail us
Amy Hupe - Design Systems consultant

About this talk:
Opening up design systems for contribution is what we're told we're supposed to do to create community-led design systems. But I learned the hard way with a former client that if you don't put parameters in place, you can derail your roadmap and upset a lot of prospective contributors.

Talk 2:
Failing at Scale -Design Systems & Figma Library limits
Tiago Almeida — Senior Product Designer

About this talk:
The challenges of refactoring large scale Figma libraries, so that they don't kill your computer while systematizing and consuming. A story about base components, component properties, and splitting a big library into several files. Going from fail to yay

Talk 3:
What gets lost: Working in large design systems
Louise Macfadyen, Senior Design Advocate, Google

About this talk:
How do things become lost? As design systems become increasingly complex, they also become more challenging to maintain. Is knowledge loss inevitable?

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