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Phase 1 #HockeyAtHome Clinic
Each session will be 90 minutes:

30 Minute Video Session Themes:
Day 1: Anxiety, Stress & Coping
Day 2: Goal Setting
Day 3: Imagery
Day 4: Scoring off the Rush
Day 5: Tracking/ Backside Pressure/ Transitioning
Day 6: Creating In-Zone Offense

30 Minute Skill Session Themes:
Day 1: Skating Stride
Day 2: Overspeed/ Quickness
Day 3: Heads Up Hockey
Day 4: Under Handle the Puck
Day 5: Lateral Movement/ Deception
Day 6: Puck Protection Skills

30 Minute Conditioning:
Balance/ Agility
Overspeed/ Quickness
Power/ Explosiveness
Core Strength
Lateral Movement
Stretching/ Flexibility
Aerobic and Anerobic
Training to become and ATHLETE
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