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3D human tissues and fluid-dynamic Multi-In Vitro Organ-MIVO device for in vitro testing
In vitro reproducible and quantitative studies of molecules/drug absorption through biological interfacing tissues are quite limited due to the lack of reliable experimental models able to resemble the in vivo responses and complexity. Recently, 3D in vitro tissue models (e.g. organoids, 3D reconstructed tissues) are becoming important alternatives to animal models and traditional 2D assays. Moreover, the integration of these tissue models with fluidic culture chambers allows to mimic the in vivo organ-organ connections and the systemic administration of bioactive molecules, finally offering a more reliable and fast approach for toxicity and efficacy testing.
We have developed a fluid-dynamic multi-chamber device resembling the in vivo systemic circulation and the organ-organ fluidic connections. The MIVO® -Multi In Vitro Organ – device, already validated in different applications such as the intestinal permeability of molecules and the medical device absorption through skin tissues, is here used to resemble the in vivo systemic drug transport mechanisms and test the drug (i.e. cisplatin) efficacy against a 3D cell-laden tumors.
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