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ECA Foresighting Forum 2021: Social Practice and Consumer Behaviour
Thursday July 1, 10.30-12.00
Speakers: Dr Helen Rogers (ABS), Prof. Yolande Strengers, Dr Larissa Nicholls and Dr Kari Dahlgren, Digital Energy Futures, Emerging Technologies Research Lab (Monash Uni)

The past 18 months have shown that the way that people live their lives determines the shape of demand profiles on any given day. When the daily habits of households and small businesses shift, as they have during the pandemic, the system must be able to anticipate and accommodate. We want to focus those involved with planning, policy and rule-making for the future system on ensuring the full diversity of current and emerging energy behaviour is catered for – both in using and generating electricity. To create an energy system that meets those needs safely, securely, reliably and at the lowest possible cost requires deep understanding of how consumers will use, produce, store and share electricity, now and into the future.

Why you should join us:

Our speakers will reveal the essential emerging consumer trends that leaders in the sector need to be aware of to forecast and plan for the energy transition. What developments in how everyday Australians think about and use energy have implications for the future system? How do the ways consumers imagine their future energy use differ from some of the common industry assumptions? How do we work together to ensure we better understand changing social practices and make space for genuine consumer engagement?

We want key decision makers to understand that system flexibility, security and fitness for purpose are not primarily about technical or regulatory responses – they are about people and their social practices. It is inherently risky to make assumptions about what consumers need or how they will act unless you engage deeply to examine real-life experience and understand the drivers underlying certain behaviours across a variety of conditions. How do we integrate this kind of work into our planning for the transition?

Jul 1, 2021 10:30 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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