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C-Beauty Secrets: Learnings From China's Top Cosmetics Brands
The ability of more agile C-beauty brands to connect with Chinese consumers during the pandemic has increased their stickiness, which is great news for China’s domestic beauty and skincare industry. Moreover, this comes at a time when China’s consumers are re-accessing their beauty ideals. But how worried should western cosmetics brands be, and what should they know to maintain market share?

Join Jing Daily for "C-Beauty Secrets: Learnings From China's Top Cosmetics Brands" to hear from international leaders in the market, including Chinese omni-channel beauty retailer Bonnie & Clyde and Japanese personal care brand Shiseido.

During the webinar on Wednesday, October 14 at 10:00 a.m. EST, we’ll discuss Chinese consumer preferences, the evolving demand for domestic and international color cosmetics and skincare in China, and the local selling tactics Western beauty players can tap to remain competitive, including peer-to-peer social selling, AR/VR try on, and livestream e-commerce.

-Enrique Menendez, Moderator and Jing Daily's Editor in Chief

-Carol Zhou, SVP China Business Innovation & Investment at Shiseido

-Chloé Reuter, Founding Partner of Gusto Luxe, Founding Partner and Vice-Chair, Gusto Collective

-William Lau, Founder & CEO of Bonnie & Clyde

-Yishu Wang, Director of Half A World

-Linzi Zhan, Co-Founder of Out of Office Beauty
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