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Navigating the Twilight Zone of Seed Funding 2020
While societies around Europe are slowly reopening, most agree Covid-19 will (and have already) defined a new normal. The early stage funding climate is no exception. On both sides of the table, founders and investors need to adjust and adapt to a very different time than the bull run we’ve seen in recent years. This much we know. We also know, that the need to build new generations of companies and technologies won’t decline in the future.

In order to do that, we need the startup community to act together in supporting talented founders on the rise, and we need access to funding in the early stages if we want them to grow. The question we’re yet to figure out is, what kind of landscape and funding climate founders in the seed stage are looking at a few months down the road, not to mention a year from now.

A recent report from Angular Ventures showed that 58% of founders are most concerned with fundraising. Especially founders of startups pre-revenue or in early PoC stages fear the company won’t survive. With that in mind, PreSeed Ventures have brought together a panel of leading seed-stage VCs around Europe, to answer questions around their investment activities -now, and in the near future.

Our own Investment Manager Anders Bach Waagstein from PreSeed Ventures will be asking these brilliant people like:
- Will their focus change?
- Will the milestones and metrics they expect of a seed stage company be different, not just now, but beginning of 2021 compared with January 2020?
- Are VCs slowing down investments and when have they last signed a TS?
- Which scenarios should startups plan from? How early should they start fundraising, and with how long runway?

We hope that by joining forces, we can add some pieces to the puzzle of raising seed rounds in the new era of Covid-19.

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May 28, 2020 09:00 AM in Copenhagen

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