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Re-wilding the City: Evidence and future trends on the impact of nature on health from buildings to communities
A Global Research Agenda Impact Topic

The benefits of nature have been featured in the news recently: we’re seeing almost 50 percent increases in demand for access to residential and workplace green space in key real estate markets, there’s pressure on urban parks to provide safe outdoor social spaces and stress relief, and increased attention is being placed on the pivotal role that habitat conservation and urban re-wilding play in addressing climate change. Innovative approaches to green space by developers and cities are also challenging how we think about urban nature.

At the same time, questions of equity and “green gentrification” arise. Designers and city planners must translate the evidence on the benefits of nature for health into practice, and convince decision makers that these benefits have positive outcomes for organizations and communities.

Join our panel of experts to discuss the latest evidence and innovative examples of how nature is being integrated at the building, community and city levels. Key themes include connecting biophilic design to performance and creativity outcomes, the rise of tactical urbanism and shifting ideas about the role nature plays in equity and public health, and new directions linking nature to organizational and city-level resilience.

After the panel, join us in the virtual hallway 1 - 1:30 pm E.T. for an informal discussion.

Whitney Austin Gray, Senior Vice President, Research, IWBI

- Bradley Roback, Department of Planning and Development, City of Chicago
- Angela Loder, Vice President, Research, IWBI
- Chip deGrace, Director, Design Purpose, Interface

Dec 2, 2021 09:00 AM in Vancouver

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