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NSS Space Forum: Space Settlement Perspectives
The Global Alliance for International Collaboration In Space (GALIX) is a multinational coalition to advance and diversify space innovation and collaboration for all humankind. Many space professionals now envision that space activities are destined to significantly multiply and diversify over the next few decades, and that this expansion will present many challenges for humankind. The GALIX hopes to address these challenges in partnership with space professionals worldwide by both enabling more effective exchange of information among key space leaders and expanding international collaborative ventures. GALIX was established to enable all countries of the world — both developed and developing — to more effectively pursue and realize the benefits of space. In his presentation, Mr. Crisafulli will discuss GALIX’s goals and operational objectives, as well as the collaborative activities that are planned for promoting the development of new space technologies.

The Mars City-State Design Competition was an international contest held in 2020 to solicit designs for a Mars city-state of one million people. Competition guidelines called for the city-state to be self-supporting to the maximum extent possible in order to minimize the need for imports from Earth. In addition, the design teams had to account for the production of essential bulk materials and the downstream manufacturing processes that would convert those materials into usable goods with the objective being for the city-state to be able to produce all the food, clothing, shelter, power, machines, and consumer products that a population of one million would need. At the same time, the design teams had to identify those goods and services that could be exported back to Earth in order to cover the cost of imports. In his presentation, Mr. Plaxco will share his experiences from the competition, insights garnered on the challenges of settling Mars, and will provide a critique of his team's design.

Feb 25, 2021 09:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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