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Is a Health Creation Revolution underway in East Surrey?
A webinar for partners in NHS, local government and charitable sector plus all citizens interested in the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Lord Nigel Crisp has recently published a highly influential book which encourages us to “take off our NHS spectacles” and consider moving beyond the treatment and prevention of disease, to providing the conditions for all in our communities to be healthy. In his book, Lord Crisp calls for a new partnership between the NHS, government and the general public to build a healthy and health creating society, encompassing the need to urgently address health inequalities and threats to planetary health. Healthy Horley PCN have been building partnerships to implement this vision at the local level over the past year ​and we would like to share our progress. We invite all interested parties across East Surrey to come together and see how we might develop this approach further to allow health in our communities to not only recover in the wake of COVID-19, but to flourish. ​

The webinar will comprise a presentation from Dr Gillian Orrow and community partners about health creation work in Horley, followed by a presentation from Lord Crisp on why this work is so central to the needs of current times and how the NHS might embrace it.

A Q&A will follow before closing with a plan to take forward any shared ambition arising from the session, supported by Merron Simpson, Chief Executive, New NHS Alliance.

Attendees are encouraged to read Lord Crisp’s book “Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs: building a healthy and health-creating society” available at www.healthismadeathome.uk before the session, but this is not required.

Lord Nigel Crisp, Independent crossbench member, House of Lords, Former CEO of the NHS in England 2000-2006

Dr Gillian Orrow, GP and Community Development Lead, Healthy Horley PCN

Merron Simpson, CEO, New NHS Alliance

Chaired by:
Dr Tom Rustom, Clinical Director, Horley PCN

Oct 15, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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Lord Nigel Crisp
Independent crossbench member, House of Lords Former CEO of the NHS in England 2000-2006
Dr Tom Rustom
Clinical Director Horley PCN
Dr Gillian Orrow
GP and Community Development Lead, Healthy Horley PCN