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Digital Dairy Series Webinar 3: Elevating the food conversation -- Six steps to help overcome food bullying
There’s too much fear in food today. This fear hurts your health as stress increases about eating the “right food” - especially during a global pandemic. Michele Payn will help you elevate the conversation with insight when people are the most vulnerable to food bullying, ways bullies leverage fear in the dairy case, and how to use health, environmental, ethical, and social standards to buy food with confidence. She is the author of three food books and a professional speaker with dairy cattle grazing in her front yard.

Join us for this evidence-based and interactive webinar to simplify safe food choices, where Michele will bring examples from a lifetime in the dairy business.

You’ll learn:

- Where does food bullying happen? Understanding the implied power of position, platform, and product, and where it will most likely impact you.

- Who can you engage to help elevate your food story? Connecting with firsthand experts to understand the source, science, or the system.

- Why neuroscience matters in food buying decisions with highlights from new research on modern food production technology.

- How to apply learning from Indiana Dairy’s series of webinars through information literacy and critical thinking in food decisions.


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