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Covid-19, where to now for private security in South Africa?
Around the world the issues facing the security sector differ markedly. South Africa is characterised by extremes in terms of security expertise: from the highly skilled to those who operate under the radar of regulation, some using technology very effectively and some not at all. The lockdown has put pressure on businesses and it is far from clear clients will pay for the same types of security going forward. Crime patterns are changing and there is an undercurrent of discontent both in communities and in organisations where employees, anxious about home and working life, post different types of risks. We will debate these issues and where security in South Africa goes from here, specifically:

- What are the main challenges facing the security sector as it emerges from lockdown?
- To what extent will changes in public and business expectations influence the types of security that will need to be provided?
- What factors will govern whether security post Covid-19 is a success?

Jul 16, 2020 02:30 PM in Johannesburg

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