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Results from Interlaboratory Comparison of Goniophotometers - IC 2017 (This webinar is for the European/North American time zone)
Dr. Yoshi Ohno, NIST Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology will present the key results and findings from the IEA 4E SSL Annex's 2017 Interlaboratory comparison (IC 2017). With 36 participating laboratories from 19 countries with a total of 42 goniophotometric instruments, this is the largest interlaboratory comparison of such equipment ever undertaken. This comparison sought to answer many questions of importance for laboratories as well as for policy makers involved in performance regulations and enforcement.

Two identical presentations will be offered, one for the Australian/Asian time zone and one for the European/North American. Both events will be recorded and the recordings will be posted on the SSL Annex website.

Note: This webinar is for the European/North American time zone.
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