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Erin Morrison The Conscious Mom: Real Parenting for Real Parents
How to Actually Hold a Boundary
It's all fun and games talking about setting boundaries until you are ACTUALLY in the tornado that is a childhood meltdown.

Sure, you may begin firm in your boundary but after you've said no for the 50th time, your child's incessant whining, pleading and begging somehow inundates your confidence and you begin to feel unsure, angry and even begin to waiver.

We have all been there and we deserve to stop torturing ourselves in these moments!

This is exactly what this class is going to give you: the ability to identify, understand and disarm so that you can hold a boundary like the badass boss parent that you are.

You will leave this class feeling more connected to yourself and more comfortable in your skin as a parent. There will be time for a Q&A at the end to totally make sure you're ready to go!

Oh, PS: the class replay will be available to you shortly after so you can rewatch again and again.


HOW TO ACTUALLY HOLD A BOUNDARY: real parenting for real parents
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