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Plan Forward for Change Management
We all know nothing stays the same. Join co-CEO Megan Lohman as she welcomes dentistry’s coaching expert, Lynne Leggett, founder and CEO of Victory Dental Management, for a strategic one-hour session dedicated to change in your practice.
How is your team coping with the rapid change in dentistry? We can all agree that change seems to be the new normal. Whether it has to do with working while trying to hire a new team member, using a new technology, or a new method of doing things, change is around all of us.
Change does not need to be negative or scary. Lynne will teach you how to Plan Forward to coach your team to embrace change.

Course Objectives:
· Examine why change can be difficult
· Understand how your mindset sets the tone
· Learn how change does not have to be negative or scary
· Understand why your practice culture is important when making changes

Nov 16, 2022 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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