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Talk Back Better Webinar Series
Webinar Five: Understanding Capacity Support for Science Communication

This webinar aims to share what works for building capacity for public engagement amongst researchers.

Institutions have experimented with different approaches to sustainably developing -and incentivising- capacity for research communication. This session will look at what works (from media training workshops to contracting PR firms.) What the latest thinking is on recruitment, career incentives and change management. We also look at lessons from initiatives to de-colonise curricula.

The International Science Council, as part of its Public Value of Science programme, in partnership with the Falling Walls International Year of Science Engagement initiative is convening a series of webinars exploring the capacities that research institutions need to practice progressive, effective science communication in the current global context.

This is the fifth and final webinar in a series that will provide discursive analysis on science communication practice along with useful practical tips for researchers and research managers.


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