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Global connectivity is just one click away
Wish global connectivity was as easy as it sounds? Well, now it is.

Join Rony Cohen, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, alongside Avi Smirnov, Director of Product Management for an informative webinar where we introduce floNET - an enterprise level connectivity management solution that leaves nothing to chance.

Join the webinar to see for yourself:

- How manufacturers can meet specific market needs for IoT, including seeing quick time to market, launching exciting new business models, and achieving advanced service automation.

- The smartest route to seamless IoT connectivity around the world, including how to sidestep roaming restrictions, ensure effortless security, and meet compliance with regulatory requirements.

- A live demo of the floNET solution, and your chance to ask specific questions about this game-changing approach to global connectivity.

Think IoT is only worth doing if it’s done right? Us too.
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