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Leading Through a Crisis and Bouncing Back
In a time of crisis, uncertainty, and change, we are all challenged in new ways and pushed out of our comfort zones. Some leaders shine while others retreat, and many new leaders emerge. Join us to learn how you as a leader can develop and grow through times of change and crisis.

In this session, we will reveal strategic talent management tools and contemporary best practices that help companies hire and develop crisis-ready leaders. Topics will include:
• How are companies using competency modeling to define critical and “game-changing” performance expectations of today’s leaders?
• What role do assessments play in predicting fit and improving my talent diversity?
• What are the characteristics of leaders who can lead through a crisis and bounce back?
• How can my company:
-Select leaders who can meet today’s challenges?
-Develop leadership preparedness capabilities?
-On-board and integrate new leaders in an engaging and personalized way?

Session attendees will have the opportunity to complete a free CRISIS Leader Assessment and personal feedback session with CMP Coach and receive their assessment report with insights and action items for leading through a crisis and beyond.

Speaker: Scott McTague, Practice Leader Talent Fit Solutions at CMP
As Practice of Talent Fit Solutions at CMP, Scott leads the Assessment business to support Talent Management Initiatives including Executive Development, Team Development and Pre-employment Selection and Onboarding. He provides assessment design and validation thought leadership and manages client delivery and assessment partnerships.
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