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FMI+TPOP Workplace Violence Preparedness for Food Retailers: Active Shooter Preparedness
This webinar, co-hosted by FMI and The Power of Preparedness (TPOP), will be led by William Flynn, TPOP's Co-founder and Chief Content Officer. Mr. Flynn is a former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security where he helped to nationalize the Run, Hide, Fight active shooter response methodology.

Five minutes or less. That’s how quickly active shooter incidents are over, according to the FBI. Most people intuitively know what Run-Hide-Fight (RHF) means, but it’s more than a phrase and requires knowledge of the underlying principles and response protocols. During this webinar, Mr. Flynn will highlight the need for RHF training beyond a break room poster or 5-minute slideshow. This mini-workshop, as well as TPOP's online training for active shooter preparedness, will build your knowledge and muscle memory and empower individuals to act quickly and decisively during those crucial first minutes of an incident.

For more information about The Power of Preparedness online training for verbal de-escalation and active shooter preparedness, and the FMI member discount, visit https://www.thepowerofpreparedness.com/fmi.

To download the FMI-TPOP Active Assailant Preparedness and Response Guide for the Food Retail Industry, visit the FMI web site here: https://www.fmi.org/forms/store/ProductFormPublic/assailant_preparedness_guide_2022

Feb 21, 2023 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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