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An adult and a child walking up a train track, the child is carrying a bag. The picture is taken from behind.
Child Labour: Exploring how the Informal Sector feeds into Formal Supply Chains
There is a high prevalence of child labour in the informal economy, in both urban and rural settings. Child labour is particularly widespread in agriculture, artisanal mining, manufacturing, street work, and domestic work. While monitoring the informal sector is challenging, it remains essential for all companies to mitigate these risks in their supply chain. Focusing on supply chains helps identify where and how the formal business sector intersects with the informal sector. This webinar will therefore consider the connection between primary activities (mainly informal and occurring in bottom tiers) and formal activities further along the chain.


• Dr. Vivek Soundararajan, Associate Professor in International Management, University of Bath
• Ines Kaempfer, CEO, The Centre for Child Rights and Business
• Quintin Lake, Executive Director, FiftyEight
• Amayèle Dia, Child Labour in Mining Portfolio Coordinator, PACT
• Victoria Solbert, Director of Standards and Implementation Resources, Fair Trade USA

Jun 29, 2021 03:45 PM in London

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