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M-Power Meditation & Message Night - Summer Solstice Celebration
We will be live streaming using Zoom with a live sacred outdoor fire and virtually connecting with you from the safety of your own homes.

The summer solstice is a sacred event to all earth loving cultures. It represents an inner spiritual journey. As the spring equinox in March represents the resurrection and return of the Son/sun to the Mother goddess, the summer solstice symbolizes the return/ascension to the Great Father Spirit.

We will be hosting a sacred fire with offerings and blessings according to ancient wisdom teachings.

Jennifer will then hold space for a special guided healing experience for the registered participants.


Please be log in by 7:00pm ET
Have a candle safely lit nearby
Surround yourself with your sacred objects & power totems
Have a glass of water & pen and paper handy

Think about what you are letting go of and think about what you are calling IN
* Required information