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7 Real Solutions to Effective Performance Management
Today, performance management is at a crossroads: it can either catalyze amazing performance or fall flat, leaving your managers without the tools they need to measure and boost employee performance. But there are more tools than ever to help make performance management meaningful and effective.

Join Meghan M. Biro for a deep dive into the key factors to effective performance management that fit workplaces today.

This is a fast-paced, fun webinar that covers key pain points and real solutions, from performance review best practices to goal-setting that works, surveys that matter, and feedback that resonates and inspires.

These are solutions that address today’s realities: harried managers, hybrid workforces, evolving skills and competencies, the need to undo and prevent bias, how to spur engagement, and more.

Key Takeaways from this webinar:

+ How to get the best out of a digital platform
+ Why performance reviews still work — and how to conduct them
+ How to create objectives that align and motivate
+ How to conduct and provide meaningful and fair feedback
+ How to steer clear of bias
+ How to foster great manager-employee relationships
+ How to build a work culture that celebrates great performance

Sep 30, 2021 06:00 PM in Dublin

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Meghan M. Biro
Author, Speaker & Brand Strategist @TalentCulture
Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized HR tech analyst, author, speaker, and brand strategist. The founder of TalentCulture, she hosts #WorkTrends, a popular Twitter Chat and weekly podcast. Her career spans across recruiting, talent management, digital media, and brand strategy for hundreds of companies, from startups to global brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Google. Meghan can be regularly found on Forbes, SHRM, and a variety of other outlets. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn @MeghanMBiro.