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Create a Killer Brand
Building a brilliant brand requires a certain level of know-how. Some of this knowledge is innate; some of us were born to create incredible things, and an army of followers and advocates ensues. For others, building a brand doesn’t come easily. Enter this masterclass – Build a Brilliant Brand. This is the toolkit required to kickstart the engine of any brilliant brand.

To make  the  world in your head REAL to your audience, a certain formula needs to happen. The world that  is embedded in your imagination – let’s make it come to life.

· Building a brand
· Social media platforms
· Building a style guide
· How are you different?
· The power of words
· The art of storytelling
· The art of listening
· Understanding how people live
· Your WHY impacts your HOW
· The power of connection
· Mental toughness

In this class, we’ll offer tips, exercises and most of all, the push forward to create that brilliant brand that you’ve been dreaming of.

Apr 27, 2021 07:00 PM in Brisbane

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