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FCC: Overview of Radio Frequency Radiation Assessments And On-Site Measurements
Instructor: Greg Coons, Senior Agent, Columbia Operations Center

Content: This webinar, presented in two parts, will introduce and explore the areas concerning Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). This training will begin with the RFR basics such as what is exposure, why we are concerned, and what are the biological effects of exposure for 7 GHz and below and for mmWave base stations operating in the 24 to 53 GHz bands. The course will describe how to quantify exposure and explain why certain frequency bands have more concerns for full body exposure. Also addressed will be some of the concerns with respect to the new 5G base stations utilizing MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) with beam steering.

Also included will be:
Review of different standards adopted by countries for setting limits based on frequency and power density (mW/cm2); a look at FCC Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) limits, below 6 GHz and above 6 GHZ to 100 GHZ regarding Occupational Workers & the General Public; discussion of what constitutes a good RFR Safety Program and contrast Compliant versus Non-compliant sites by using examples; Review of the basics for conducting an RFR Survey using a meter and probe, and more.
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