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Lebanon is still going through really hard and chaotic times, facing all kinds of political, economic, social and health hardships.

The major explosion that occurred in Beirut on the 4th of August caused a terrible shock for the population within the frame of the already difficult and lasting crisis. It is a source of enormous stress for all those concerned by its effects. So many individuals and families have been touched in their bodies, minds and hearts, wondering how such a further catastrophe could yet happen... In addition, a noxious sense of injustice and helplessness spreads and no one within the population seems to know how to get out of this never-ending cycle.

This situation is a perfect illustration of what human beings have to deal with and overcome. It prompts each of us to think seriously about the lessons learnt from the crisis in our lives and how to deal with them without losing our balance. Balance is what every human being needs in order to live normally, to look ahead the future with confidence, to build projects, to constitute a family...

So, are there levers we can find and use to maintain our essential daily balance, no matter what the circumstances are?

This free webinar will give you the keys to change your attitude in front of the chaotic times and make it truly positive, confident and serene.

In this webinar you'll learn:

• How to welcome imbalances and gradually develop the "Reflex of Balance"
• Learn to discover and reveal the incredible inner strength that lies in each of us
• How to optimize your vital energy: the 4 levers
• Develop a deep serenity on the path of life: the 4 stages of personal growth

After Eric's intervention, five incredible Lebanese fighters: Sarine, Nayla, Karine, Karl & Léa will share their inspiring stories just for you to know what faith & determination can do.


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