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Keynote Ferdinand Grapperhaus, CEO at Physee
Fostering Innovation

In an era in which we are sending robots to Mars to prepare for human colonies, in which we are building underground vacuum transport pipelines, in which viruses grow exponentially, in which climate change asks for unprecedented measures and in which fake news makes us uncertain of what to believe; in this era it is just not possible to prepare precisely for what is coming.

Nevertheless, it is possible to equip yourself and your organization by becoming future proof. It means your organization (or community) becomes adaptive to change, creative in solution seeking and ahead of the mass. It sounds easy but it takes a lot of resources. The right people need to be triggered in very different ways, structures must be installed for constructive feedback and playgrounds must be facilitated to catalyze creativity.

This talk will challenge you first as an individual. Do you have an innovative mindset or are you trapped inside your box? Next, the talk will challenge you to think of your environment. Does it facilitate creativity, feedback and diversity? Last, some tangible tools will be shared how to become more innovative yourself and how to foster innovation in one’s organization.

Sep 8, 2020 01:30 PM in Amsterdam

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