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The Constitutionality of Restrictions on the Freedom to Exercise Religious Assembly
During this pandemic, government has found it necessary to prevent Maryland houses of worship from gathering for religious services. This policy has rankled many people of faith and prompted concerns about the abridgment of First Amendment rights. Indeed, local media has covered various clergy threats to disobey the governor's shelter- at - home order. Even in the current phase I of the reopening of the economy people of faith are still restricted from large assemblies. This webinar features three panelists and a moderator to address the pro's and con's of civil disobedience. Expert Reed Smith from the Christian Legal Society will lay the foundation of the parameters of the constitutional debate. Former Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman will argue the limits of martial law during an emergency. Former Maryland Worker's Compensation Commissioner Jeffrey C. Herwig will caution against civil disobedience. Matt M. Paavola will serve as moderator.


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