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Still the Promised Land
Husband and wife duo Dr. Natwar Gandhi and Panna Naik will present "Still the Promised Land", a fascinating and deeply personal story of how an impoverished immigrant made his way to the new world, remade his life and ultimately became the chief financial officer of Washington, D.C. His life is a harrowing and inspiring account of how to survive seemingly hopeless circumstances, with an uplifting message for present-day America, where immigrants are often reviled and immigration itself is denigrated. Accompanying him will be distinguished Gujarati poet, Ms. Panna Naik, who has been active on Gujarati literary front for about four decades and has established herself as a major writer with several volumes of path breaking poetry and short stories. Her work has given a distinct voice to Indian women as evidenced by her world-wide following. In addition, she has also done pioneering work in the teaching of Gujarati language and taught second generation students for years in her capacity as Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.


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