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Long Term Health Impacts of COVID RoundTable
This past year has been a tremendous strain on first responders as the world has been upended by a global pandemic. First responders have died in the line of duty from COVID 19 and many more have been infected. Additionally, response systems have been strained, PPE and protection guidelines retooled and vaccination deployment continues as virus mutant strains emerge. As we continue to focus on mass vaccinations and recovery, early reports have described the post-exposure syndrome as being called “long hauler” that many have prolonged cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological consequences amongst others. The panel of research and fire service experts will discuss the potential longer-term implications to firefighters, the fire service, and public safety. Additionally, this informal roundtable will allow participants to share their experiences through online interactive survey tools.

Panelist include:
Denise Smith
Lori Moore-Merrell
Todd Leduc
Sarah Jahnke
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