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Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook: What's Ahead in 2022?
With the new year just around the corner, Seniors Housing Business’s latest webinar takes a look at where valuations are and what 2022 holds.

While occupancy and construction starts aren’t expected to rebound to pre-pandemic levels until late 2022, there are industry experts forecasting turbo-charged investment activity in the new year. Given the amount of dry powder private equity firms have on hand and are looking to deploy, seniors housing’s strong market fundamentals make it an attractive option.

Tune in to Seniors Housing Business’ December 7th valuation-themed webinar, the final in a series of four 2021 webinars examining the industry’s investment outlook.

This broadcast, “Seniors Housing Valuation: What’s Ahead For 2022,” is scheduled for December 7, 2:00-3:00 pm EST.

Topics to be discussed on this webinar, which is sponsored by Valuation & Information Group, include:

• Which industry players are transacting at present and what kinds of deals are they doing?
• A look at fourth quarter 2021 transactions
• Occupancy rates and census update
• Should investors and owners buy, sell or hold?
• Who's lending, what types of capital are available, and how are loans being secured?

Join us December 7th for a sneak peek about what the future holds in 2022 from an expert panel.


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