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Releasing value from energy system digitalisation: what will it take?
A webinar to explore how technical building blocks should combine with markets, incentives and culture change to ensure the full value of energy system digitalisation on the road to net zero is unleashed.

Deep digitalisation of the energy system is a fundamental requirement for a cost-effective transition to net zero. Only by putting this in place can we hope to achieve the level of intelligent network operations and demand side participation needed for decarbonisation at pace and at least cost to consumers.

The energy industry has woken up to this imperative in recent years. But nevertheless, progress in extending system intelligence, promoting interoperability of data between commercial entities and giving customers easy control over who has access to their data has proved slow.

In this timely webinar, Utility Week, in association with CGI will host discussion with industry leaders to discuss their views on what is needed to accelerate system digitalisation and release maximum value from it.

Webinar speakers will include:
- Denise Willis, regulation manager, EDF
- Steven Gough, DSO technical authority, SSEN
- Rich Hampshire, VP digital utilities, CGI

Talking points will include:
- Can we quantify the baseline of data needed to operate a smart, net zero system?
- Do we understand the relative personal, commercial or system values of different data sets and digitalisation initiatives?
- How do we enable consumers to make easy and meaningful choices about granting access to their data?
- What should good incentives for data generation and sharing look like?
- Does the industry have the necessary culture to deliver agile digitalisation in a way which can create and sustain confidence across all stakeholders?

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