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Demystifying Body Literacy for Millennials
Body literacy is the centering of self-knowledge gained by learning to observe, chart and interpret scientifically proven signs of fertility and infertility, and to recognize menstrual cycle health and wellness as a vital aspect of one's health. Body Literacy helps facilitate reproductive freedom and informed choice. Its an invitation to take a critical look at the stories that our culture tells about our bodies. Join us for an informative and lively conversation that will inspire self-awareness practices that can foster more positive experiences and personalized understanding of your own body.

This Webinar is presented by Flamingo.


CHELSEA VONCHAZ is the proprietor and creator of #HappyPeriod, a charitable organization that addresses access to menstruation products. The hyper-focus of #HappyPeriod is to promote self-esteem and self-efficacy surrounding menstruation, and for those who have low-income or experiencing homelessness to readily maintain their menstrual care.

ALISA VITTI is a functional nutrition and women’s hormone expert, author of the period bible WomanCode and her newest book, In the FLO, which introduced the Infradian Clock.

PANQUETZANI honors the over 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers and integrates her 16 years of study into her practice. She's a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, traditional birth attendant, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing.

JULIE MCCLURE is the CEO & Co-Founder of Hello.Me, a brand focused on optimizing how women look and feel through innovative, science-backed supplement products that address the root cause of wellness & beauty for women - hormonal balance.


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