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Hardware Technology & Cannabis - Revolutionizing The Industry Through Innovation, Presented by The Medical Cannabis Community
In the fast-moving world of tech, new innovations frequently come around and revolutionize the way we live and operate.

With the cannabis industry working to reach a point of maturity, gone are the days where transactions, logs, and other data had to be kept in a little black book or on a clipboard.

With new dispensaries and craft grows coming to the Illinois market and beyond, one question that continues to pop up is - how will technology help operators improve the overall experience customers have while maintaining operational efficiency?

In our Technology webinar series, we bring together a panel of experts to provide our community an educational overview and a few examples as to how tech is revolutionizing the cannabis industry through point of sale hardware, QR and Barcodes, RFID technology and supply chain management systems.

We'll cover how businesses can leverage these technologies, the benefits they provide to end-consumers, and questions businesses should consider when choosing their technology needs.

Host - Abraham Villegas, Founder of The Medical Cannabis Community

Shawnee Williams – CEO, Illinois Equity Staffing

Mark Peysakhovich – Managing Partner, MBM Advantage

Panel Participants:

• Tracy Powell – President of Blue Lacuna & Seasoned Tech Entrepreneur

• Jim Remke - Chief Marketing Officer, POSRG

• Duane Roebuck, Sr. Channel Manager of Retail & Emerging Technologies


• The different kinds of technologies that exist in the cannabis industry

• How Point of Sale Hardware systems improve customer experiences, satisfaction & loyalty

• How RFID chip technology adds security measures for cannabis businesses

• The type of information stored within product bar codes for quality assurance

• How Track & trace technology ensures compliance in the industry

• Factors to consider when deciding what type of technology to use in a cannabis business

Program Sponsored by Zebra Technologies


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