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Lars Panaro – Lots & Lots of Lots
In this seminar we’ll explore the theory, philosophy, calculation methodology & nature of the astrological technique known as Lots (Kleroi in Greek; later referred to as Arabic Parts).

Lots are often considered a tertiary technique, meaning they serve to enrich our understanding of a chart by building on top of the basics. They make it possible for astrologers to open up subtle channels of delineation, whether it be for inquiring into the mysterious hand of fate, or the underlying personal attitudes and drives that reveal the intimate facets of a person. Lots, in the right hands, are indeed an extraordinarily powerful tool and border upon a quasi-mystical and essentially nonlinear portion of astrological praxis, making them a gateway into ever more wonderful dimensions of Divination.

About the speaker

My name is Lars Carmine Panaro. I'm a classical and electric guitarist who became engrossed in astrology, tarot and the occult while pursuing a BFA in music at California Institute of the Arts. After graduating I shifted focus to studying these newly discovered disciplines alongside psychology and religion.

I began learning astrology with the harp professor at Calarts, Susan Allen (who learned astrology from Francis MacEvoy). Susan turned me onto the works of Dane Rudhyar, whose work I studied very intensely. Several years later I began teaching myself traditional horary astrology from several books, which then led me to study medieval astrology through New Library where I received their DMA in the same (diploma of medieval astrology). I then delved into the Hellenistic system and texts, initially through Chris Brennan, and shortly thereafter began exploring Indian astrology from a few different angles (Hart Defouw, Ernst Wilhelm). The last system of astrology I studied, before shifting my focus to practice, was Uranian astrology, a modern German system which draws heavily upon ancient astrology and the logic behind it.

Website: www.heavenlybranches.com

Jul 19, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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