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Introduction to Trauma Psychology
In this training, I will (1) present the history of the Psychology of Trauma and the mis-attribution of trauma as a psychological, rather than biological, disorder, (2) explain regulated and dysregulated (traumatized) Autonomic Nervous System functioning, (3) demonstrate how psychology can address traumatic symptoms (4) present a case study from an OI session.

Course Outline:
I. Brief History of Trauma and Science
II. Show The Trauma Foundation nine-minute video : https://thetraumafoundation.org/
A. Q & A about video
III. The Psychology of Trauma: The Organic

Intelligence® Approach
A. Course of Treatment (Attunement Graphic)
1. Phase 1: Pre-Treatment/Entering Treatment: Out of control/Over control
a) The mind and body have adapted to a traumatizing event/environment
(1) Developmental Disturbances/ACEs
b) The mind and body continue to work as if the environment is still traumatizing, even when it isn’t
(1) Challenges in perceiving the world completely/accurately
(2) Challenges with thinking clearly
(3) Negativity & Threat Bias
(4) Stuck in High Activation, Freeze, back and forth between the two
2. Phase 2: Reducing Symptoms: Resilience/Self-regulation
a) DBT, CBT, NVS, Medication, Focus attention,
b) Strengthening orientation response
c) Increasing access to enjoyment
d) Increase tolerance of/reduce fear around intrusive trauma symptoms
3. Phase 3: Treating the trauma: “Prosilience:” Auto-

b) Integration of BISOMA channels of traumatic experiences
c) Contentment-joy
IV. Organic Intelligence Case Study

Oct 27, 2021 06:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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