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Governance and Leadership: Know Thyself
Self-awareness is foundational in the development of strong governance and leadership. Learn how building your self-awareness helps you excel both personally and professionally by understanding your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll begin to identify when to ask for help, connect with the people in your municipality better, and come to respect differences in others by understanding how you like to receive information, how you make decisions, what gives you energy, and what exhausts you.

Join us on Tuesday, January 25 at 10:00 a.m. for the first webinar in the 2022 Good Governance series Governance & Leadership: Know Thyself.
A recording of this webinar will be provided to all registrants within 48 hours.

Tracy Balash and Ayako Ohtake from Brave Bird Studios, and Kelly Rudyk of It's Logical have teamed up to develop a 4-part Good Governance Webinar Series for 2022 for SUMA members.
Part 1 - Governance and Leadership: Know Thyself
Part 2 - Maintaining Healthy Communities through a Cohesive Council (April)
Part 3 - When Governance means Serving Others (September)
Part 4 - Learning as a Core Governance Value (December)

Brave Birds Studio is a team building, leadership, and coaching practice founded by Executive Coach and Communications Specialist Tracy Balash. Learn more about Brave Bird Studio at bravebirdsstudio.com

It's Logical is a strategic planning service founded by Kelly Rudyk, who has over 30 years of municipal experience and various levels. Learn more about It's Logical at www.itslogical.ca

Sponsored by SUMAssure, this webinar is free to all SUMA members. Non-members can attend for the cost of $45 plus GST.
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