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Learn the best practices of financial modeling in Excel
Learn how to evaluate your business or a project, review the alternative scenarios, perform sensitivity analysis or Monte Carlo simulations and much more - based on the international best practice of discounted cash flow methodology.

The training is performed in Microsoft Excel with a powerful Invest for Excel software add-on that standardized your model, automates manual tasks such as managing table layouts and checking formulas and allowing you and your colleagues to focus your time where it matters most - the actual business figures and the forecast.

Invest for Excel software is in use as a corporate standard at over 1800 organizations from 62 countries, including such successful organizations as Daimler from Germany, Neste from Finland as well as medium and even small businesses of various industries.

The webinar is held free of charge as DataPartner's contribution to the community to better cope with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.
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