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Mera Business Meri Pehchan Masterclass on Dealing with Competition
Dealing with Competition
- Beating vs Co-existing
- In the age of global competition, sustainability of business is key. How can an MSME stay ahead of the curve?
- What is the importance of the attitude and mind set of ‘will to improve’?
- How can a business embrace disruptiveness to breakout?
- Does online competition matter
- How does technology development/mastery contribute to business growth?
- Developing ICT and e-commerce for wider market impact
- Discovering and Strengthening Business Differentiators
- Improving the competitiveness of business through innovation and enhancing productive capacity
- Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs through linkages with suppliers, partners & customers
- Key Takeaways: Financial discipline, business planning & new age marketing

Jun 30, 2022 04:00 PM in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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