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COVID-19 Vaccines are Here: Key Public Health and Legal Considerations for Employers
With Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s recent announcement of plans to accelerate the pace of COVID-19 vaccines across the Commonwealth, many questions remain about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines approved for current use, public resistance to vaccinations, and whether an employer can – or should – mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all employees? What are the legal risks to employers if employees refuse to be vaccinated due to a medical condition or a religious belief? Is your business ready to address these issues?

What to Expect from the Webinar

In this webinar, Bean, Kinney & Korman shareholder, Doug Taylor, whose practice focus is management-side employment law, and Kate Henderson, Assistant Professor, Marymount University’s Malek School of Nursing in the College of Health and Education, will discuss some of the pressing public health and legal implications for employers related to workforce COVID-19 vaccines.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

COVID-19 infection rates and the implications of new COVID-19 variants
Efficacy, side effects, and safety concerns of current COVID-19 vaccines
Latest plans in Richmond and northern Virginia for COVID-19 vaccine distribution
Public perceptions of, and barriers to, receiving vaccinations
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines -- the good, bad, and ugly for employers
ADA reasonable accommodations for employee medical conditions
Title VII concerns for employees with sincerely held religious beliefs
COVID-19 vaccines and compliance with Virginia workplace safety regulations
Open Question & Answer

The webinar is free and will be approximately 60 minutes in length.


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