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Adoption UK - Therapies Month: An introduction to the BUSS® Model
The webinar will introduce parents/carers to the BUSS® Model, developed by Sarah Lloyd to be helpful when children have experienced developmental trauma.

BUSS® is concerned with what are called foundation sensorimotor systems, the systems that grow through lots of nurture, touch and movement in children’s early months and years. Where children have had a difficult start in life, the development of these systems has been disrupted. BUSS® works with parents / carers and their children to rebuild these systems and help children to thrive using games and activities. As bodily regulation develops, so emotional and cognitive capability grow.

Sarah Lloyd is a Specialist Children's Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist and Author of the BUSS Model – Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) in Children who have experienced Developmental Trauma. Sarah is based in Yorkshire and is the Founder and Director of the BUSS Model Ltd, which is a training and therapeutic organisation based within the Oakdale Team in Harrogate.

This webinar will briefly introduce the sensorimotor systems, creating an understanding of how challenging life can be for children with underdeveloped systems. There’ll be a chance to hear about how the model is used the difference it has made.

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Jul 8, 2022 11:00 AM in London

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