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WIT-TTS-ISN Webinar: Sex and Gender Research – Beyond the Horizon
The Women in Transplantation Fellowship Award was designed to fund early career research in Sex and Gender. The two 2021 recipients, Ritzky Sugianto and Friederike Martin, have focused on Cardiovascular Morbidity in Girls with CKD and Transplantation, and the Impact of Sex Hormones on Alloimmunity, respectively. They will be presenting their research and facilitating a robust discussion with senior thought leaders in the field.

Learning Objectives

– In transplantation research to better understand the mechanism of sex/gender-based differences.
– To explore the epidemiology of sex/gender-based differences in transplantation research.
– To derive strategies to close the gender disparity gap in transplantation.

Jan 24, 2022 08:00 AM in Montreal

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