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The Future of Marketing Automation
Summer school is in session and Sureshot has all the marketing automation answers you need! Register today for our four-part summer webinar series and prep your marketing ops team for future success as they master topics such as.

Webinar 1: Channels and the Future of Marketing Automation
Guests: Zilker Partners
Date: 7/20/21 - 2pm ET / 11am PT

Webinar 2: Personalization and the Future of Marketing Automation
Guests: Inverta
Date: 7/27/21 - 2pm ET / 11am PT

Webinar 3: Data and the Future of Marketing Automation
Guests: Sojourn Solutions
Date: 8/3/21 - 2pm ET / 11am PT

Webinar 4: Integration and the Future of Marketing Automation
Guests: Sureshot’s VP of Development, Lori Martella
Date: 8/10/21 - 2pm ET / 11am PT
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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David York
Founder @Sureshot
For more than 18 years, David has been trusted by technology and business leaders alike, for his unique ability to bridge the two disciplines and empower teams in both camps to work well together. An early adopter of marketing automation, David previously worked as a Senior Marketing Solutions Consultant for Eloqua, a role that gave him a front-row seat to the evolution and exponential growth of the martech industry. Gifted in resolving complex technical issues, and developing apps that allow novices to use tech like a pro, David served as a highly sought after consultant for several years before forming SureShot in 2015.
Nate Pruitt
Head of Digital @Zilker Partners
As Head of Digital at Zilker Partners, Nate Pruitt provides Web Strategy and Inbound Marketing services to companies striving to generate revenue via various marketing channels. Nate’s exceptional reputation as an advisor and consultant is due to his rich past marketing and sales experience, rapidly expanding his influence from an analyst to Marketing Director, Regional Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales, Senior Director of Demand Generation and board member of several industry-leading companies. While many companies seek out his services, Nate hand-selects projects and his team members in order to foster a highly-personal relationship and execute a customized strategy, leading many companies through successful exits.
Kathy Macchi
Vice President of Consulting @Inverta
Kathy considers herself a long-time survivor of the technology industry, bringing over 25 years of sales, marketing and IT experience to her role as Vice President of Consulting at Inverta. Kathy takes a no-nonsense approach to the role of digital skills, processes and tools in today’s complex sale, and her expertise has supported the digital transformations of enterprises such as Citrix, Microsoft, and HP. Additionally, she’s one of the foremost authorities in account-based marketing. Certified by ITSMA as an ABM practitioner in 2007, Kathy has conducted numerous ABM workshops, webinars, and training sessions, and supported the ABM efforts of over one hundred organizations. When Kathy isn’t traveling the world, she enjoys a top-shelf vegetarian breakfast taco at her home in Austin, TX.
Dan Vawter
Managing Partner @Sojourn Solutions
Dan Vawter was introduced to marketing 15 years ago as a software engineer, and has enjoyed working with marketers ever since. He is dedicated to ensuring his teams' clients are successful in blending their use of marketing teams, process and martech. He's particularly passionate on the topic of marketing attribution.
Lori Martella
VP of Products & Development @Sureshot
Lori has been building and delivering software for over 20 years. She has led various development efforts from product inception through successful launch. Lori has worked at both small start-ups as well as Fortune 10 companies, leading teams that were responsible for processing large volumes of critical data and servicing vital system operations. Lori's passion for delivering quality software and ensuring continuous improvement are reflected in her work.