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ICRF Presents Brilliant Minds Webinar Series - "Listen to Your Gut: Cancer, Immunity and Gut Health"
Join us for an interactive conversation with ICRF-funded scientist Professor Naama Geva-Zatorsky (Technion Integrated Cancer Center) to learn why “listening to your gut” may hold the key to unlocking innovative new ways to prevent cancer. While bacteria in our gut have been shown to significantly improve cancer immunotherapy, Prof. Geva Zatorsky’s groundbreaking research has revealed that gut bacteriophages—the viruses that infect bacteria living in our gut—can trigger an even stronger immune response that could be harnessed to suppress cancer initiation. She will also discuss the rapid home test for COVID-19 developed by her lab, which can detect the virus in under an hour. Dr. Nancy Maizels (University of Washington) will moderate.

Participants are invited to submit questions for the Q&A during the webinar.
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