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In this continuation of the series, we explore together the:

- Detailed Stargate Repositories of Aldebaran, with many slides, as well as
- Orion and the Purusa form of Orion, the Orion arm of the milky way galaxy, the
- Vedic and Rig Vedic roots of the Sirius-Orion connection.
- The intergalactic grid matrix, as a hyper dimensional topology.
- The Arcturus repository and the Arcturian gardeners.
- The 7 Rishi Big Dipper Stargate cycle and the 7 sisters code (Pleiades).
- Centaurus and the galactic centre code, of the intergalactic grid.
- More details on the Earth Gameboard layout and play board.
- Andromeda/Antarmda, Kasyapa/Cassiopeia and the Andromeda galaxy matrix of the Manu in Rig Vedic thought.
- The Cassiopeia code.
- The ETI Pulsar Zodiac Code.
- The Zodiac as an ExtraTemporal Intelligence navigation system, for the Earth designer world system.
- The Cygnus code and the new 100,000 year hyper-indexed and synchronized galaxy, by the Galactic Council.
- Exploring the code activation and purpose of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus, Mercury and Pluto.
- The SunGate code, and new Sun Matrix for the new reality.
- The secret of the Grail Family code and Arrimathea star ship.
- Structure of the Galactic Council.

All with rich multimedia animated slides (unlike most youtube interviews), and 35 years of active experience.

In Golden Via Media
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