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Black Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Town Hall
On April 30, 2019, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) established the Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health (the Taskforce), with Rep. Watson Coleman as the chair. The Taskforce empowered a working group of leading Black academic, research, advocacy, and practice experts to offer thoughtful solutions to address the alarming rates of suicide among black youth (Ring the Alarm: the Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America). In 2022, Silence the Shame sought a resolution to designate May 1st as Black Children's Mental Health Awareness Day to bring attention to the growing risk factors and social determinants of health that exacerbate the mental health of Black children in Georgia. On the back of Stress Awareness Month and commencement of Mental Health Awareness Month, May 1st will engage communities to share relevant data. STS will observe this day by (1) Increasing awareness of risk factors and challenges unique to Black youth to reduce stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness and (2) offering prevention and intervention strategies to support healthier outcomes.

Additionally, research about suicidal behaviors has raised questions about whether the path from suicidal thoughts to attempts is well understood in Black youth and whether we have the knowledge and tools to intervene before a crisis emerges. Therefore, this day will advocate for funding for culturally represented scientists, researchers, and practitioners interested in studying these issues to guide interventions and policies for Black communities and address disparities that affect Black youth.

Join us on May 2 for a Community Conversation to commemorate the first-annual recognition of Black Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.


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