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James Chamberlain - NTFP and the Bioeconomy: A U.S. Perspective
In the United States, the deep and long cultural connections to nontimber forest products are embedded in contemporary American society, yet the products often go unnoticed. While revenues generated from the sale of these “invisible” products support households in rural communities and contribute to local, regional, and the national economy, not much is known or understood about the economic importance of NTFPs in the U.S. The value chains and markets are diverse and for the most part enigmatic.

After giving a brief synopsis of the history of NTFP harvesting in the U.S. and describing the NTFP-based bioeconomy, the presentation will examine the latest volume and value data, and explore the economy based on these products through a bioeconomy lens. Based on recent scholarship, presenter James Chamberlain will discuss elements of frameworks that support transition to a NTFP-base bioeconomy. To make that transition will require addressing sustainability while promoting biodiversity and forest health.

Join James Chamberlain of the USDA Forest Service for a discussion about the U.S. and the bioeconomy.

Feb 15, 2022 09:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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