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EPPIC Global Presents: Role of AI/ML in transforming and accelerating drug discovery process
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning we have all heard of the buzz words as these technologies promise to transform the landscape of drug discovery, but how exactly do they work, what are the tools and various approaches. Decoding biology through target-agnostic and engineering mindset approach. The power of linking different computational technologies needed for Lead Optimization Pre-competitive consortia and public-private partnerships, the different AI/ML approaches each is taking and the expected output. How AI is addressing the various challenges in each aspect of the drug discovery process. What are the limitations and pitfalls of each approach? What it can and cannot do? And what are the requirements for their successful implementation.


Anjali Pandey, PhD is an executive biopharmaceutical R&D leader with 25+ years of experience and expertise in all stages of discovery, development from initial lead identification through approval. . Currently, Senior Vice President of NonClinical R&D and Chemistry at twoXAR Pharmaceuticals. Anjali previously served as SVP of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Development at Portola Pharmaceuticals, where she managed discovery and chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) function for Bevyxxa™, Cerdulatinib and all the other small molecule programs. She holds an MS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and a PhD from Southern Illinois University.

Andrew held Chief Technology Officer roles at several early stage companies pior to co-founding twoXAR, where he managed teams as large as a hundred technologists distributed around the world. Andrew developed the company's proprietary algorithm and as CEO is focused on overall company strategy, product development and fundraising. Andrew studied biomedical informatics in Stanford University's SCPD graduate program and holds MS and BS degrees in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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