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Webinar EN - Control-M for SAP (EU)
End-to-end automation of SAP key processes with Control-M

Join us for this session to see what benefits Control-M customers have achieved:

• Use case 1: Using inteligent automation logic to better automate SAP processes
• Use case 2: Shortening the monthly financial closing process
• Use case 3: Utilizing SAP resources wisely, keep SAP license and infrastructure cost under control
• Use case 4: Streamline SAP processes while including secure internal and external file transfers
• Use case 5: Release SAP experts from labour intensive process monitoring, introduce proactive SLA monitoring
• Use case 6: Ensure audit compliant executions of SAP and non-SAP processes
• Use case 7: Booster the creation of integrated SAP and non-SAP processes, utilizing low code capabilities
• Use case 8: A system that allows organisations to get more automation done

Take the time to register and participate at this 45-minute webinar.
Join us and see how easy it is to improve automation across the board with Control-M.
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